Tuesday, September 24, 2013

American and UK terrorists vs Kenya

From what I have scanned in the news, it seems that the terrorists who killed a lot of folks in Kenya included a few Americans and Brits. Presumably the Americans are the Minnesota Somalians who were recruited awhile back.

So the NSA is recording your telephone calls, and reading your "LOLCAT that goes around the world", but didn't bother to break up the Somalian money collections and/or the terrorist recruiters in Minneapolis.

And, of course, the "flying Immans" in Minneapolis who were probably doing a "dry run" were allowed to sue when the other passengers and the pilot refused to fly with them.

The background on this is that the Kenyans have a fairly good military, and are working as peacekeepers in Somalia etc. So this is payback for sending their military to save civilians from the bad guys.

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no, I doubt they are aware of the problem. For that matter, I bet they don't know about the recent massacres in Pakistan, or that most of the 100 thousand refugees and the "human shields" in Zamboanga here in the Philippines are Christians either (that city is 75% Christian). That, of course, is known here, but ignored by everyone, including the local press.

Putin, however, is the "new Tsar", and like the old Tzar is a defender of Orthodox Christianity, so this is one reason he is backing Assad. (the other is that he really , really likes dictators, especially those opposing Sunni terrorists, who have connections with the Chechnyan terror groups).



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