Thursday, September 19, 2013

depressing stuff

Defining deviancy down.

NBC expert says hearing voices in your head is common.

But then he notes: it is common in those with bipolar illness or other words, in people whose illness is severe they become psychotic.On the other hand, it could also be "normal" in some cultures (where your imagination seems real).

Do "normal" people hear voices? Yes, but only on rare occasions.

So my father, when we got a tire blow out while traveling on a highway at 65 mph, heard a voice telling him to pump the brakes (if he slammed on the brakes, we would have skidded and rolled the car). Later, when he found out that no one had said that to him, he said: It must have been that guy. What guy? That guy in church.

Our church had a statue of it's patron saint, an obscure bishop, in the front, and before we went on the trip, my father asked him to get us a safe journey...

In From the Cold and Austin Bay both comment about the problem with security.

my take? Once I was visiting friends at a local airbase, where they had atomic weapons, and anti nuclear demonstrators at the front gate.

We went to the PX to shop, and got into the back gate with a wave on, because we had a sticker on the truck, and three women (two Indian one Anglo) and three kids were probably not a security risk.


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