Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just ignore reality and propose a new compassionate Big Brother to force you to do good deeds

Attention Bozo Bezos:

If you want readers to actually read your paper, try getting editorials that don't insult them. while insisting that only they know how to fix things (by imposing a new expensive bureaucratic program).

Today's claims all evil 'mericans are selfish competitive narcissists, and say we need a society that stresses cooperation. Overlooked by a gov't bureaucrat, of course.

what she ignores: 65 million Americans are part time or full time caretakers of their families or neighbors, most of whom do it with little or no government program telling them to do it.

And this doesn't count the church ladies who run the food banks, who baby sit kids, who bring over a cassarole when you are sick, or drive the elderly to their doctor's appointment.

Nor does this include the one million grandparents who are primary caretakers for their grandkids.

This proposal will fill in for the families that were broken by the government, by their economic policies that discourage American businesses from hiring, by no fault divorce that destroyed marriage, and by the new abortion/gay marriage laws that will destroy conservative churches and church run charities/businesses who refuse to fund abortion, and who oppose euthanasia by medical rationing, and refuse to think "love" is more important than 5000 years of experience traditional marriage.


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