Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Philippine news

A 'Moro" group in the south is continuing to terrorize locals, (not the MNLF but a breakaway group)...most of their victims are probably local Christians, since they kidnapped a local priest, but both the situation and the religious angle is usuall downplayed here in the headlines...a lot of Christians now live in the area, and the local "moro" groups want to get back their "ancestral" lands, never mind that they stole these lands 500 years ago from the tribal peoples living there.

Heh. Maybe the locals should fight back, like the Mexicans are doing...actually, when the populist President Estrada was in charge, he gave them guns to do so and a lot of innocent (and not too innocent people) died. So when Gloria (and now PNoy) took over, (i.e. from elite families with connections to the NWO), they stopped the program.

But here, the headlines ignore such "terrorism", and so only one front page headline in the Manila bulletin, and that says, well MAYBE  we will let them raise their flag if they give up hostages...heh...

 This may not be about independence per se, but about who controls all that lovely development money poured into the area by both western and Islamic NGO's...
whoever runs the gov't has first dibs on taking twenty percent off the top (20 percent is the usual take...more than that is considered greedy).

Most of the headlines today are mainly about corruption. Will PNoy stop or at least limit corruption? Who knows?

and then there is this on the front page: Apple has a new cellphone, and the latest hot spot for OFW To get jobs: North Dakota.

As for us: The new mayor had guys clean out and repair the open air ditch sewers by our home... when we spotted them working, we gave small gifts to the men to buy "merienda" snacks.. And Sunday morning, when they finished taking away the debris, we didn't notice they were there because we went to church, so two came over, shovels in hands, to say: We are working on your ditch... And I gave them a donation for snacks for their morning break.

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