Monday, September 30, 2013

Philippine news

Belmont club notices all the people killed by "he who must not be named" during the last week...

yeah, even the Pinoy papers are ignoring the problem, and the UN merely is blaming both sides. That is because the people are mostly poor and the military is middle class...and the gov't is under pressure to make nicey nice by Obama, or they won't help us keep China from stealing land within our economic zone.

That's why they passed an RH bill that not only doesn't attack the reason why the maternal mortality is so high (no free trained midwifes) but uses coercion to pus the pill (as a doc you will be fined if you badmouth the chemicals or don't "offer" it to those in your care...) Personally, I'm waiting to see who is geting the pork from  the drug companies, but with the strict libel law here, and with most of the politicians related to each other, don't hold your breath...

Chano is building a meeting place to teach organic farming. I support organic farming (our family sells organic rice) but let's face it: The price for our organic brown rice is double that of regular rice. And even the local rices are undercut by imports (including illegally smuggled rice and onions) from countries that use chemical fertilizer and pesticides to get a bigger crop. And right now, I worry about all the rain: insects and fungus could easily destroy the almost ripe rice crop.


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