Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dog news of the day


Picture: themaverickshop.com/REX

Photo series on the UKTelegraph


At Librivox: Lad, a Dog


The bad news: Our little white dog Angel got run down by our car when it pulled into the garage...only her toes got run over, but she was pulled under the car before I yelled for the driver to stop. (All the dogs "greet" the cars when they come in and she apparently didn't get out of the way fast enough, and was too small for the driver to see).

The good news: Smashed toes are not broken, no major injuries, and the vet sutured the deep cuts on her face (probably from hitting the underside of the car). She is back with her puppies, wearing a plastic collar to keep her from removing the stitches in her face.

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