Monday, November 18, 2013

Family news

The good news is that it is sunny, so the harvest is going okay...

Late last night, the dogs were noisy, barking at the men leaving the new restaurant/bar down the street. So at 4 am, when they again began barking, I went out to tell them to keep quiet and found five young men sitting at the kitchen table.

Joy had hired them to work in the vegetable gardens, since the farmers who usually worked there part time were busy either harvesting or plowing under their destroyed rice crops to plant another crop as soon as possible. So I made sure they had coffee and some fish with their rice while they sat around waiting to get taken to work.

We did manage to harvest part of our rice, so we aren't hit as badly as some areas. And our rice mill/drier housing was destroyed/deroofed, but the machines were not.

The real problem now is that lack of a pickup truck to do deliveries. We have a 2 ton truck, but it's too big for small deliveries, the jeep is good for farm work but not fast enough for city driving, and my husband's beloved BMW is too small. So it looks like we'll have to buy another pickup truck, which we can't afford...and another problem is that if one buys a used truck, it could be one damaged by the flood and sold as being in good condition, and then finding out later when it dies. Sigh.

If we were hit this badly by a signal 3 typhoon, you can see how devestated those hit by the supertyphoon are.

update: StrategyPage has a good summary of the supertyphoon.

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