Thursday, November 07, 2013

Family news

Joy left with a delivery to Manila at 5 am this morning...we have lots of rice orders and orders for gift items (Chano designs these and subcontracts them to be made by local folks).

The rice is being harvested, but no news there: Some of our rice is on higher ground so should be okay, and the rice drier is working so we don't lose part of the harvest waiting in line for our turn for the rice mill to dry it.

Ruby is busy with her youth group at church doing dancing etc. Keeps her busy.

Right now, she has exams with her home school.

She is waiting for the movie "Hunger games" (I am waiting for the Hobbit) and is reading the last Percy Jackson book: The bad news is that her brand new copy was in the car when they got caught in the last typhoon so is unreadable. Oh well.

the bad news it that another typhoon is coming, but will hit the center of the Philipines, where they had the earthquake. Hopefully we won't get hit, except with rain.

When we went to Luz' restaurant to get HaloHalo, we again saw some soldiers getting take out. Ruby says they are indeed here helping to keep the peace with last week's elections, but says we will probably have more problems after they leave.

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