Friday, November 08, 2013

Family news

It's overcast, and the new typhoon heading towards the Visayas is getting headlines (alas, it will hit the area destroyed by last month's earthquake). We even made the bbc...

Right now the Visayas are under signal 4, but Manila is signal one, meaning rain and moderate winds.

FYI: The large billboards here can be taken down if a storm is due.

we are north of Manila so should only get rain, unless it veers further north like the one last month that landed us in the eye of a moderate hurricane that was originally predicted to land south of here and we quickly went from signal one to signal three before the TV cable went out.

when I say "signal one" etc. check out this gif:

the one that hit us was signal 3, so we lost roofs from houses, a lot of the rural chicken farms and storage houses, and some trees, but most of the damage was to the almost ripe rice, which was flattened.


Joy was in Manila yesterday selling at a trade fair, and got a lot of gift orders for Christmas. Hopefully the specialized rice in gift packs of Chano's designs and the small thigamagigs that he designs will let us break even this year.

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