Thursday, November 28, 2013

Insomnia downloads of the day

for nature lovers:

Among the meadow people

Fanny Kimble's diary of living on a southern plantation

for less depressing listening:

Fables for the Frivious

and Benchley's Of All Things

for a comment on contemporary affairs:

The Emperor's new clothes

and if you can't afford a couple hundred bucks to attend the latest new age seminar telling you how to get rich, just download:

Thoughts are things.

Yes, if you really think positively, maybe your life will become rich and successful (just ignore that Category 4 typhoon heading straight for your house)


a lot of the librivox type books are also on youtube, along with other books that haven't yet been notice by the copyright cops.

Percy Jackson is there (great for inspiring your kids to learn about Greek mythology)

as is Herodotus (in case you want to read the original story about those sexy Spartans)

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