Sunday, November 10, 2013

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No, we didn't get hit by the big supertyphoon, but we have been having heavy rains and gusty winds for the last two days, and all week the internet is going off and on, probably because they are still busy fixing the phone lines.

So again, just a bunch of links for me to read and comment on in depth later.

Elton John has been worried about Lady Gaga (who is his son's godmother).
Now the news tells the back story: instead of taking NSAIDs, she was taking medical marijuana for the pain, was walking around high all the time, and got hooked. She now has stopped it.

Story includes this factoid:
The U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse has estimated 9 percent of people who use marijuana will become dependent on it, rising to 25-50 percent among daily users.
In our prayers: she is a good friend to the Philippines.


The supertyphoon is on the network news...considering the high population and the width of the damage, I suspect the death toll will be a couple thousand when they get to count the dead in isolated rural areas.

I've been to Tacloban, the city that was the worst hit...(one of Lolo's classmates was a doc there and we visited her a couple years back). It is a medium size city (200 thousand) and sounds like the 20 foot storm surge took a lot of people by surprise.

We still had heavy rain from the supertyphoon last night. Our less serious typhoon was bad enough.

So excuse me if I laugh at "SURVIVOR" type shows or the "prepper" stuff on TV: Why imitate disaster when you can live through the real thing?


StarWars episode seven due in two years.

one geek podcast was commenting on the difference between Jackson and Abrams: Jackson has regular vlogs to whet the appetite of the hard core fans. Not much out about Starwars yet.

and yes, SW fans: the geekpriest has a podcast about the SW movies too.(along with Harry Potter and the hobbit...and no, unlike Hollywood Jesus, they aren't religious, just full of geeky stuff).

for hungergames fans, the Rebellionradio podcast is here. The buzz is that, unlike the first film, this one will have great cinematography...


Tomorrow is Veterans' day in the US. PaulFromStokes put up new music to commemorate remembrance day, the UK version of the day that remembers the end of World War I


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Bob said...

I am glad you survived the storms. So sorry for all the loss.