Saturday, November 23, 2013

Poetry and CS Lewis

Lots of things on the net right now celebrating the death of CSLewis, who now has a memorial in the Poet's corner of Westminster Abbey.

Brian Sibley has written a BBC radio program about Lewis
bbc iPlayer link

he has several blogposts on Lewis' books including this one that discusses adapting them for radio.

he includes Andrew Skilleter's illustration of Aslan singing the world into being:

that, of course, is poetry, not science:

or as Dante put it: the Love that moves the sun and other stars.


Poet Holly Ordway has an essay about Lewis' influence on her:

In Narnia, I found that the Incarnation was not a bizarre idea, out of place in the world. It infused the very atmosphere; I breathed it in and was strengthened by it. That God would join His creatures by becoming part of creation Himself seemed, here in Narnia, as fitting as the fact that winter’s end brought crocuses peeking brightly through half-melted snow; as right as the fact that sunlight warms chilled limbs and water quenches thirst.
In Narnia . . . but here, in real life? It might not be true that God was involved with His world; it might not be likely that Jesus was God incarnate . . . but it was no longer unimaginable.
From The Sword and the Cross – forthcoming, Ignatius Press, 2014

the UKGuardian reviews a newly published book with more essays by Lewis.

Aristotle was right. Poetry presents οια αν γενοιτο, things that might be – it recombines elements which belong to the real, and to appreciate poetry involves at every moment a knowledge of those elements and therefore of the real.

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