Thursday, November 21, 2013

The "WTF" story of the day

Father Z notes that the attorney general is pressing forward a case to prove international treaties trump the constitution.

the problem? it was a prank against the "other woman" in a marital dispute, not a terrorist attack...

here is the quote of the day.

“Domestic disputes resulting from marital infidelities and culminating in a thumb burn are appropriately handled by local law enforcement authorities,” Mr. Clement wrote. “Ms. Bond’s assault against her husband’s paramour did not involve stockpiling chemical weapons, engaging in chemical warfare” and the like, he added.
 the conservative CATO institute has more here.

It took me awhile to find what "dangerous chemical" she used: this article states it was Potassium dichromate, a common laboratory reagent which like a lot of chemicals can burn the skin and is toxic when ingested.

But it is a pretty compound, and has an article on how to grow it to make pretty orange crystals.

Just grow a couple and you too can be arrested as a bioterrorist!

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