Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Stories below the fold

GetReligion points out that the court cases about Obamacare and religious freedom is not just about for profit industries, but will affect ministries that serve the poor of all religions without preaching.

Which is why the Little Sisters of the Poor, who run nursing homes, are suing too

Instapundit points out what I said yesterday: The Pope is talking about corrupt third world capitalism
I think the key factor here is that he’s from crony-capitalism-capital Argentina, and that he has mistaken what goes on there for the operation of free markets.


One problem with the gov't running things is that it takes forever to get a new product etc.
In Iraq/Afghanistan, this often meant soldiers bought their own stuff (e.g. cold weather gear, boots) until the Army got around to supplying better stuff.

But now, a software company is suing the USArmy for stealing their software to track the bad guys.

StrategyPage has the news on Syria

The good news? The Alqaeda rebels are losing.
The bad news? Iran's mullahs are winning.
The good news? AlQaeda won't turn Syria into another terrorist sponsoring state
The bad news? They will flee and take their terrorism with them.

Daniel Callahan for 30 years has been preaching we need to  prevent useless eaters from getting expensive medical care.
Nothing has changed, except he himself uses the care he wants to keep you from getting

and he scoffs that the elderly are wise: Maybe because he only knows people in his own set who are too busy having "full lives" to become wise?


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