Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tolkien's world

 more links discussing if the Dwarves are Jewish LINK LINK2 LINK3 (and check this at TORN).

There is an idea common among some christians that the Jews, who longed for a homeland in their prayers, who would never regain their homeland until end times...(uh oh...that means we are in end times).

In the Hobbit, Tolkien mixed this idea of a people forever longing to regain their homeland with that of the dwarves of the Eddas (albeit he was more sympathetic to them than the traditional view that they were evil so it was okay to steal their gold).
The real parallel is that the Dwarvish language was based on the grammar/linguistic construction of the Semetic languages...

(Elvish Sindarin was based on Welsh and Quenya based on Finnish and Black speech was an agglutinan language based on the Turkish family of languages)

A good lecture on all of this can be found HERE.

Michael Drout's blog discusses a lot of linguistic themes, including some posts on Tolkien's languages: You can find it HERE.

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