Monday, January 13, 2014

Firesfox yuck

So I uploaded the latest firefox, updated my add ons, removed my add ons, and it still crashes the computer periodically.

And to make things worse, I can't get the delicious bookmarks anymore: I have to go on line to their webpage to find them, and that's a pain because they aren't listed according to tags or alphabetically.

And if you notice out of place phrases etc. here it's because I can't turn off the "sticky keys" that I never asked for, and suddenly, in the midst of the line, find I am typing the sentence two paragraphs up. I touch type, so this is a pain...

Time for a new computer. Yes, I can afford it, but am using most of my pension to subsidize the meals here, thanks to the typhoon wrecking our last harvest. Sigh.

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