Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jahi, blessed by God

In Swahili, Jahi means "Dignity", and the story of this child is in all the news.

I support the idea of brain death, meaning "whole brain death", but the bioethics  community is trying to expand that definition, so we often hear of doctors telling patients their loved one is "dead" when he is merely brain damaged and might recover but be left with brain damage.

But the poorly covered part of the story is twofold: The dirty little secret that blacks and other minorities have a distrust of the medical system. LINK

the disability group "Not Dead Yet" discusses the case and included that links.

And they note that brain death is not a cut and dried diagnosis, and a few declared dead have survived. They link to this article.

ironically, this was discussed a few days ago on Coast to Coast AM. LINK

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