Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lite blogging

It's hot season, so that means we have rolling brownouts (thanks to our dependence on good, clean hydroelectric power, which doesn't supply enough when the water levels are low, e.g. during TagInit, the hot, dry season before the monsoon starts in June). So far, yesterday's brownout was only one hour, but they will get longer as the season continues. If the outage is a few hours, we will put on our generator, but the big one might have to be used at the farm, meaning we are left with the smaller one that doesn't run an airconditioner. Sigh.

Since our power is on and off, it means the internet connection is unstable too.

And then, my computer is on it's last legs. Next step is to re install windows which will erase my files...Sigh. Last time I did this, the entire windows collapsed, and I ended up using Ubuntu for a year.

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