Sunday, January 12, 2014

Silly me

Attention Hollywood: while teenager girls are reading about Katnis saving the world, or the chaste "twilight" series, Hollywood is pushing the idea that all girls want to "have fun": the worst is Girls (with a 28 year old protagonist) and now lots of money to make "the Diary of a teenaged girl"

about  A: The Diary of a Teenage Girl is a play that I have adapted from the graphic novel by Phoebe Gloeckner. It's the story of a fifteen year old girl who is growing up in the 70s in San Francisco who is sleeping with her mother's boyfriend. That's the short answer. Really to me, it's the most honest coming of age story of a young girl I have ever come across. It pulls no punches. It's a look into the mind of a really precocious, really curious teenager, who is exploring her sexuality, and learning about herself through sleeping with her mother's boyfriend. It's not a black and white story of pedophilia, nor is it a lolita story. It's looking at a really complicated situation purely from the persective of the fifteen year old girl- through her fifteen year old lens, only further complicated by the time and place in which she lives. And surprisingly, it's really funny.a girl lusting after her mom's boyfriend.
 What's wrong with this last one?

Well, I know of two cases where men were jailed because they had sex with their girlfriend's teenaged girl...because in both cases (like Lolita) the idea that the girl "wanted it" because she was flirting; so instead of protecting her, it was a projection of the man's narcissism that he was god's gift to women and doing her a favor to have sex with her, when often she only wanted romance or affection. And well well: the writer is related to big shots, so had access to all sorts of grants and jobs.

Never mind that the actual teenage novel series "Diary of a teenaged girl" is about a girl who is Christian...

isn't this a copyright violation? Well, never mind.

update: Excuse my sarcasm, but for years I was the only woman doc in town, so saw all the girls who were sexually abused, not to mention the women who revealed they were abused as children when we were investigating the reason for their pelvic pain/drug abuse/multiple boyfriends etc....

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