Monday, January 06, 2014

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Secret US Spy court says secret spying is okay.

uh, can't Congress impeach justices if they abuse their office? and although I think that if the NSA wants to waste time monitoring my LOLCat emails to the Middle East, well, okay....but I can't see that monitoring low risk and ordinary conversations/emails can be justified.


The "Three Kings" were probably Magi...but back then, that could mean a lot of different things. It is interesting to note that Justin Martyr thought they were from Arabia, but others thought they were from Babylon, but most early writers identified them as Persian.

Justin martyr died in 165 AD, so that means that the legend is quite old, not something made up by constantine or whoever the latest conspiracy theory says made up the bible.

a nice article on the MaryPoppins/Saving Mr. Banks movies.

In a recent interview in More, Thompson talked about how “it was wonderful to play this relationship between two people who’ve been very damaged as children and yet responded to that damage differently. Walt expressed it with a kind of huge, sometimes misplaced optimism and faith in human nature. (Travers believed) that there is great darkness in life and if you want to really serve children, you include the darkness.” Helen Goff never married, and took her father’s name Travers as she invented herself as a children’s books author.

 however, the claim in the article that she never worked with Disney again is untrue: a follow up film fell through due to studio problems, as her co writer Brian Sibley noted here.


New York's new mayor plans to replace the horse and carriage rides through Central Park with electric carts.

Uh, exactly why would tourists want to be taken through the part in a glorified golf cart?

And although the animal rights folks have been pushing the meme that the poor horses are overworked, now it appears that the 200 horses could be slaughtered.

I mean, if they are overworked, why not just limit their hours and then take them to the park to graze and fertilize the wildflowers? But of course, animal rights is about the activists feeling good about themselves, not really about the animals: The religion of animal rights thinks animals should not work for a living, period...

Follow the money, of course: The mayor's friend and campaign contributor wants the valuable land that now houses the stables...(via Instapundit)

A case of cojoined twins... in the tenth century.
Conjoined twins byzantium

Alas, when one twin died, the doctors separated them, but the second twin died a few days later...

Trepanning, the practice of making a hole in the head, dates back 10000 years...

most of the discussion is of skulls found in South America 3000 years ago, but THIS article  has lots of links and says that it was done in the fertile crescent in 8000 bc, i.e. 10 thousand years ago.

The big Nazarene procession later this week would be a magnet for a terror attack...but so far, no major threats, so they aren't going to jam cellphone signals (which are used by Alqaeda to set off car bombs)..


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