Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bad news


The truly demonic nature of this bill—as a theologian I do not use that adjective lightly—is to be found, however, not only in its sanctification of suicide. It can be seen also in its attempt to force public institutions and healthcare personnel to become complicit in both suicide and murder, through a mandated process of cooperation with ministerial directives and demands for referral.
nor is it only the Catholics who are worried: The disability activists are worried too.

GayCaswell links it to Quebec's activists who pushed abortion and helped destroy the Catholic church.

of course Mrs. Gay Caswell has been sued for libel for being a whistleblower on drug using politicians, and her school is being harassed.

on the home front, Obama has told the president here to cool it and let china take over the South China sea.
Locals are mad, but as FilAm Fernandez at Belmont club writes: You get what you wished for.

he notes the decimation of the US by Obama's policies, and wryly links to the old story: last of the legions.

Strategypage also has an article saying be careful what you ask for.

a lot of this  China's a cynical way to distract folks from corruption and pollution.

they say China is only asking for it's territory back, but that claim goes back a couple hundred years. It would be like Norway claiming they own Canada because of the Viking incursions. And, of course, no one is asking if the hoi polloi back then liked their corrupt Chinese masters.

and what really infuriates the Philippines is that some generals were allowed to state in the state run press that they also claim the Philippines.

So we are busy wasting money to buy arms to defend ourselves.since no one believes the US will waste money defending it's allies.

related good news: Iraq must be getting safer, because the gov't is allowing local nurses to be recruited to work there.


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