Monday, February 24, 2014

Family news

Lolo is feeling better, but it is hot again.

I almost have all my w2 forms for income tax, but I can't even find the bank statements for Lolo so we can estimate his, so I might file as a single but married category. No one is going to put Lolo in jail, and most of his bank accounts are in the name of Filipino relatives.

I rescued another loud kitten from the vacant lot yesterday. I think this one wasn't abandoned but the kitten of a feral cat, since he is black (as are several other feral cats that visit here) and well nourished but won't let anyone touch him. If I can't tame him in another day or two, we will let him lose in the Palenke area, where there are lots of mice and lizards but no dogs, and let him fend for himself. I tried putting him in the side garden, that is fairly closed off to dogs, but he just cowered down and wouldn't move...but kept meowing. I figure George would get him in about ten minutes so I brought him back.

Sigh. Not a good country for cats or dogs.

In the meanwhile, school is starting, so I am giving extra to the "regular" beggars. They aren't too destitute: Several have kids in high school, and husbands who work as tricycle drivers. They beg to supplement their income.

We also have the destitute, mainly a couple elderly whose family works elsewhere, who come here for help with their medicines, which are expensive. Five pesos a day for a blood pressure pill does add up... I let the maid sort them out if I'm not sure if they are needy or not.

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