Thursday, February 20, 2014

LIterary stuff

writer Brian Sibley says his next BBC radio project is The Once and Future King.

Hopefully I will have a good enough internet connection to listen to it streaming (or maybe someone will post it to the Pirate Bay).

Unrelated item: I just reloaded a downloader that can recognize YouKu and other Chinese TV sites, and although sometimes they charge for film downloads, and often they won't let you view their programs, sometimes I am able to download them anyway.

So I found I can download Sherlock(!) there...
 and I watched a local program (streaming) where the vonTrapp greatgrandkids singers were interviewed and explained how they taught the audience to yodel in Chinese...

 They are the grandkids of "Kurt", whose real name was Werther....


LightReadingBlog says there will be a lecture by Emily Wilson on the problems of correctly translating Homer.  Sigh. I doubt it will get put on line. Their podcast page only has podcasts that."spotlight contemporary issues and (feminist) activists."...

the murders in the Iliad are pretty graphic...and ironically, they are not anonymous "extras" as in too many films: and often we hear a short "biography" of the victim in the description.

and like later Greek writers, they often portray their victims sympathetically (not true in the literature of other countries)...

something to remember when people criticize "Captain Philipps" for making the Somali bad guys all too human...


DavidWarren always has thoughtful essays at his site.

Today is about all the end of time kerfuffle and other forms of fortune telling

and about all those who get "messages" from God, he notes that Mother Teresa had exactly one "sign" from God, and after that she was on her own, presumably God trusted her own judgement and gave her this freedom.


Poetess Holly Ordway has part three of a series on Love, sex and the supernatural in CS Lewis and Charles Williams.

mainly bookmarked for later reading, since I don't agree with Lewis and wonder about Charles Williams personal life, with erotic but sex free relationships with other women.

maybe after I get around to reading the thoughtful essays I'll change my mind...


Dead Poets Society Blecch.

bad teaching where movies get it all wrong.

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