Sunday, April 13, 2014

A hobbit fan on late night TV?

Not that we get any of the late night US tv shows here, but I  am happy that Stephen Colbert got a niche to replace Letterman.

and some feminists are complaining that he got the job due to his talents, not his sex, sexual orientation or skin colour.


And if I remember to way back when I actually watched such shows, they do tend to be inteview shows, not comedy shows and not single acts of monologue... and those the article mentions (except for Ellen) are comedians, not the guy/gal who stands back and lets those he/she interviews shine.

more HERE.

and if you are a Tolkien geek, you probably know he had a cameo in Hobbit 2...and instructed Martin Freedman when he visited his show.

and how many TV comedians have pushed the space program so much that they named their treadmill for him?

in other words, a comedian for geekdom.

And for geekcatholics, this is the dance that made him famous.

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