Friday, April 04, 2014

ByeBye Firefox

Firefox has joined in the fight for freedom of religion and freedom of speech by firing a man who gave money to defend traditional 2008, when both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama supported traditional marriage.

Guess I'll have to stick with Opera.

That old leftie Archbisthop Cruz notes this problem with the destruction of marriage.
When human law says the contrary, natural law does not change. It is bad when a man fools another man, but it is worse when a man fools himself. There are realities that cling to a man although he might want to get rid of them. There are truths that stay put although a man might want them changed. They outlast human life.

So it is that just it is man who brings about social order, it is also man who is the author of social disorder. In the same way, it is man that sows the seeds of peace and it is also man who brings about the reasons for war. Would that such were but fantasies, fallacies, falsities. But they are not.

It's about utopia: Wishing humans were mallable to be perfect.
Notice gay marriage is not about settling down and being faithful, but about feelings. 
When disagreement is directed at individuals rather than ideas it has dangerous effect on public discourse. It is stifled. We are redefining an institution, marriage, that has served mankind for millennia because a small percentage of angry and emotional people have terrorized everyone else into silence or feigned agreement.

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