Sunday, April 13, 2014

Civility in politics? We needz that

Now a nut case has thrown an orange shoe at Hillary, with something about Operation Cynthia in it.

Presumably Hillary was in charge of the CIA when the Bolivians took down Che with the help of a lot of disgusted peasants.

Or, if you are into conspiracy theories, the orange sneaker is a symbol of either Northern Ireland, that get the bad end of the deal when Bill made peace there, or the orange revolution in the Ukraine, or maybe she just thinks OJ is innocent.

Supposedly she also had an upside down trident in the message, meaning either she is a worshipper of Poisiden, a Percy Jackson fan, a devil worshiper and can't draw well, she was trying to make a peace symbol and can't draw well, she is a wiccan and inviting Hillary to the local sex orgy, it refers to the coat of arms of the Ukraine, and the "Rapid Trident"  NATO group, who might help the Ukraine.

Of course, that trident on the coat of arms may not be a trident, but a falcon. 

Take your pick.

Sounds crazy...suspect the woman is schizophrenic or has fried her brains on drugs.

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