Tuesday, April 01, 2014

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Persian Paradox has photos of The Beauties of Golestan, the nothern Iranian province.

oh yes: I missed it: happy Nowraz.

one of the few holidays we don't celebrate in the Philippines, even though we have a lot of Iranian students studying here.


what "asian pivot"? Chinese "coast guard" aggression inside the Philippines borders.

more HERE.


how to get out of zip tie binders.
guess they'll have to go back to ducttape...


turn off your lights for Earth hour (and let the theives work in peace?)

But this fawning article does note:

But people in the Visayas appeared to be losing interest in Earth Hour.
 yeah. Nothing like living the simple "green" life after a typhoon takes out the modern infrastructure to cool your enthusiasm for primitive living.

why is South Africa spending so much on arms and the military?

(hint: corruption).


via Father Z:


StrategyPage has a lot of articles on PTSS and soldier suicide, which ironically is high even among those who never went to a war zone. Some of the recent increase is among veterans, not those in the active military.

The suicide rate for soldiers is just as high as that for women doctors, so there must be a problem somewhere.

But JAMA says that recruiters are not screening out those with mental illness, and that could be part of the problem.

attention tree huggers:

Chimpanzees are psychopaths.

nah: They just like "bush meat"...

and no, I don't find this horrible: the local poor traditionally eat dog.
And, as my Colombian born son informed me after he told the story of how the local farmers dismemebered and ate a rich man's horse that fell down a cliff: But Mom, sometimes you get weak and need meat...


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