Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Carthage's "warriors"?

In Carthage's Lost Warriors, Secrets of the Dead offers us a fabulous tale of a band of Carthagenians, Celts and Majorcans who cross the Atlantic (I'm really not sure when this is supposed to have happened, but the press release says 1,500 years before Columbus), land on the Brazilian coast, travel up the Amazon through the jungle and climb the Peruvian Andes.
Along the way, of course, they influence various cultures of South America with their wily European ways. We all need a good laugh now and then.

TV show results in a lot of scepticism...maybe because the South American Indians were as advanced in most ways (except for metal use) if not further advanced than Europe/Middle East.


I had always understood Carthage didn't use their own people as soldiers, but hired them from the locals. Indeed, Hannibal's "Army" was Iberio-celts and then he recruited Celts from Cisalpine gaul and later Greeks from southern Italy to fight Rome..
Or maybe I got it wrong: I feel asleep in the middle of the lecture from Stanford itunes on Hannibal


Related  item: Medieval Barbie?

you can send money to be in on the development of the 3D printed armour. more HERE.

why not a Joan of Arc Barbie? Action figure here

and yes, don't forget Eowyn.

But my favorite would actually be the Eleanor of Aquitaine action figure.

not only a sex goddess who inspired medieval music and stories, she went on the crusades, divorced her dull husband for a 19 year old boy toy, and ten kids later went to war against him when he found a girlfriend...

and yes, there is a kickstarter for medieval Halloween costumes, to replace the decrepid stuff that is seen nowadays.

and yes, Eleanor is there:

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