Monday, April 28, 2014

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StrategyPage discusses Iraq, the Kurds, and the murderous ISI who are killing Muslims in Iraq (for being Shia) to try to stop a free election.

Two key passages:

If Iraq seems like a mess it is and has been that way for a long time. It seems worse since 2003 because now there is no dictatorship to keep foreign (and domestic) journalists from reporting about the true extent of the mess
One of the first scandals of the MSM was when CNN admitted they covered up the atrocities and problems under Saddam, including how he was bribing politicians in France etc. to stop "sanctions". Later, they left the left manipulate the news to destroy Bush as a warmonger, ignoring the background of the war.

second passage:

 NATO and Iraq wanted foreign trainers (including Americans) to remain in Iraq after 2011. But the issue of immunity from local prosecution became a hot item in Iraqi politics and the “status of forces” agreement was impossible to get through parliament. Such immunity was essential because the Iraqi justice system is corrupt, and foreign troops could be falsely prosecuted. 

Yes, we know.

The overblown "Subic rape case" was about a drunken bar girl who claimed five US Soldiers raped her in the car. Luckily the evidence only showed one person had sex with her, which correlated with the soldiers story. She left the bar willingly with this soldier, according to other evidence, but was a bit drunk.

Now, Philippine law did not allow mild drunkeness as an excuse to say one was raped (although a previous case said a girl completely unconscious could claim it).

So the left, who hate Americans,manipulated the story story, even after the evidence was in..., and the feminists, who wanted to change the law to allow mild intoxication as a way to claim rape, were the ones who originally pushed the case. After two years, the case fell apart: The girl took a bribe and presumably married a new boyfriend.

As an aside: This is one reason that John Paul II did not believe a lot of the "pedophile" charges against priests: Because under communism, such charges were often false, to destroy a good priest.

Andrew Greeley, in his autobiography, describes how the offices of a certain US diocese often allowed cover ups for their friends and lovers, and he actually defended the bishop involved as not being gay, but merely naive and not involved in such trivia. Heh. Sounds like Bishop Law, who also was lazy, although other bishops merely "obeyed" the Johns Hopkins sexual predator experts. And a similar clique was believed to have covered up stuff in the Vatican, at least until Benedict took over. The rumor was that he retired so that his predicessor could get rid of these types without the scandal of having to fire them (because they all hand in their resignation with the change of Popes)

We will know that the NWO takes over when we start hearing about such thing in the Philippines (right now they are only in the left wing press). So far, more priests (and pastors) have been killed by drive by shooters than accused of busy fingers....

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