Monday, April 07, 2014

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Dr E from PersianParadox visits Japan and sign a cooperation paper for Iran on the environment


An argument on how theologians don't understand economics.

no kidding.
maybe it's because, like too many elites in the Obama administration, they've never started or run a business?

savageminds book report on the Anthropology of Anime.

From the birth of an idea to committee meetings and deadlines Condry looks at the creative process behind anime, what the people involved value and why. The “soul” of creativity is the tension between collaborative social networks and the media objects they fashion. Condry thinks small and local, focuses on working groups, the act of creativity within the context of the group, and the influence of relationships within that social network. Collaborative creativity defines the social network in terms of what it accomplishes, which makes this markedly different than a study of group identity.
No, I'm not a fan (mainly because it's hard to follow when you watch TV on and off) but we have a TV channel that only shows anime...and my grandson is a big fan.

One of the things I liked in "Saving MrBanks" was the emphasis on group creativity in making the movie Mary Poppins.

The Bronze age collapse is still a big mystery: Was it invasion (maybe due to drought) or ecological disaster or did their water systems collapse leading to economic refugees, a collapse of the population numbers, and a new dark age? (Hint: The evil Philistines of the Bible are now thought to be Myceneans who tried to invade Egypt, and the Pharoah moved the survivors to Gaza).

Archeoblog notes a new book out about the subject and notes this fancy video to promote it.


alas, unless it ends up in our used book kiosk in a couple of years I probably won't read it. Yet a lot of good "trade" books do end up there......

The far right in France is trying to outlaw school lunches for Muslims.

I'm old enough to remember when lots of cafeterias had fish for Catholics on Friday, and we had lots of kosher groceries/butcher shops.

But then, we took our own lunches to school back then too...
Maybe the French Muslims need to do their own PR campaign...


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