Thursday, May 15, 2014

Another Chinese war against VietNam?

It predates the invasion/takeover of the Crimea, but China is being aggressive again in the west Philippine sea.

Austin bay reports that VietNam is fighting back.

Obama was here last week and signed an agreement for joint defense, except when questioned by our vigorous press, he refused to say point blank he would defend our bordering ocean...sending a message to the Chinese that he wouldn't (I did link to that Chinese news in a previous post).

One doubts the Philippines has the money or ships to fight back, but for the past three days there have been A1 planes, Apache helicopters and small Cessna type airplanes flying in and out of Ft Magsaysay which is near here.

local news report that it could be a joint area if they deploy US troops (who train there for jungle warfare under our special forces types). and that a bigshot US general visited there last week.

or maybe it's just local training...

The locals just shrug and point out that if it came to war, well the Manila elites that run the place all are part Chinese, and many, including PNoy's grandpop, backed the Japs when they took over.

But this area is traditionally rebellious and hates the Manila elites, so I don't know if that is what everyone thinks.

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