Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anti Chinese massacre

No, not here: In California.

Lots of comments about the mentally ill college student's killing of women (even though more men were his victims) and the usual stuff about gun control (even though three of his victims were stabbed) but no one has mentioned that three of his victims were Chinese.

The three Chinese American victims were Chen Yuan Hong, 20, from Taiwan, Wihan Wang, 20, a native of Tianjin, China, and George Chen, 19, from Ontario, Canada.

however, these killings were stabbings of his room mates (suggesting the spree started with a quarrel and only later escalated to the shooting) and since the shooter was half Asia (his mother an Indonesian of Chinese ancestry) there is probably not a racial component.

and his "rant" is typical, alas, of the rants of a paranoid schizophrenic or a bipolar person in a manic psychotic phase. It wasn't just autism...although the stress of college life may have been enough to put him over the edge. Austism patients do best in a non threatening environment where there is a strict schedule and limits to having to chose what to do.

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