Thursday, May 15, 2014

Family news

the pump is on the blink again (the pump head needs replacing). This should take five minutes if we had a spare, which we don't, and if it were easy to do, which for some reason it's not (you practially have to take the dang thing apart to do it).

And today is supposed to be washing day. Sigh.

I should explain that we have our own water pump, put in back when the city water tended to drip in low pressure. The city now has a huge water tank nearby, and usually is good pressure, but we usually don't use it because it is expensive.... When the pump dies, which it does about once a year, we have to connect to city water.

unrelated note: Europe discovered google keeps all their searches in a cache and the courts there ordered them to erase them..

Well, when I adjusted my new android, I found all of my google searches there. I erased a year's worth, but if you want to know what I was searching for in February 2013, you are welcome to hack it. And the page with the cache assures me that the information is confidential.

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