Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Family news

It's very hot but the rains are here and cooling it off in the evening.

I bought a slightly larger "backup" emergency generator because the older one isn't strong enough to run our new airconditioner. I probably should have waited to save enough to buy a larger one to run the entire compound, but the one Chano suggested would have emptied my savings, leaving nothing for emergencies. And of course, he didn't suggest sharing the cost.

Also it's gasoline, gas is more expensive than diesel but the generator is about half the price of a diesel one. Joy suggested a diesel one from one of her friend's shops, but it was cheaply made, and I didn't think the quality was good.

Sigh. Probably both will be mad at me. But as long as we have rolling brownouts, and the large generator that usually runs the backup electricity is at the farm for building the money pit meeting house, I would rather be cool and have them mad at me than sit in the heat and suffer as we have done in the past.

so now we have two small generators for backup (I will probably sell the older one or it can be used for the farm, where it often gets taken anyway).

Lolo is getting weaker, and the heat is not good for his high blood pressure.

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