Friday, May 02, 2014

Reading on line

I prefer regular books to read: I brought about 100 books here, but also hit the "used book" kiosks for new best sellers (a year late) so am almost up to date on my Janet Evanovich collection.

The used kiosk also has other books, mainly trade paperbacks, and I've managed to find several books about CSLewis (e.g. "the Narnian") and three books of the "Middle Earth" series.

I think I have bought two books full price here since arriving: Morgoth's ring (13 in the middle earth series) and a good copy of Herodatus (my copy was falling apart).

Lots of books at Librivox or other places on line.

But last year I actually paid for a subsciption to Scribd:

Lots of their books/articles are free, but others are only for subscribers or you pay for the books.

It's hard to read with the computer, and my old tablet was 7 inches and hard to read, but I splurged on a 10 inch Samsung tablet, and am spending a lot of my time reading.

I downloaded lots of books on herbs: Medical, eating, and how to grow. I bought thyme, stevia and tarragon at the palenke, and hope they won't get eaten by bugs now that it is raining.

I also am reading a book on the Winter palace (pre Revolutionary Russia), CS Lewis' letters part 2, and the Amelia Peabody mysteries. (those last I didn't bring with me, and they aren't at the kiosk).

So I am doing less blogging

My old computer is running without the blue screen of death, so Ruby is using the new one. Next step: buy dvd or a hard drive for backup. I figure another month til that is on my budget.

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