Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stuff below the fold

Stratford Caldecott: In our prayers.

superheroes send their love...


Coming of age in Samoa is now on line for your ebook collection.

A bit controversial, since she had an agenda, (see her subtitle "a psychological study of primitive youth for western culture"i.e. let your kids be promiscuous and we wouldn't have crime) and the local folks happily lied/exaggerated to her what she wanted to hear.

This is not unusual: When I worked with the Navajo, I asked what (anthropology) book I should read, and the nurses laughed and said a lot of them were inaccurate, because the locals got annoyed at these nosy outsiders, and told them tall tales. They told me to read Tony Hillerman instead...


Android vs Apple in the military


The Philippines pulled back when China "stole" our off seas fishing grounds (and there is a question if Obama will let the US stop them from stealing more) but Vietnam is fighting back: Because they once were part of China, and if they don't stop China now they might end up as part of that empire again.

Heh: factories with US flags were left alone.


conspiracy theory of the day: Justice Roberts was blackmailed via NSA information.


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