Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Energy wars.

Nigeria's solution: arm the peasants.

well it is working in Mexico.

Of course, when they shoot back, we will see the headlines change from "Christian Muslim violence" (when Islamic groups attack Christians and Muslims they dislike) to "Christian violence against the innocent Muslims"...and a lot of private payback against the innocent or along tribal (not religious) lines, between the cattle herding mainly Muslim tribes and the better educated Bantu farmers.

as the song says: The farmer and the cowman should be friends....but they're  not.


FYI: Iraq held an election...

A summary of China's cyberwar.

latest MERS case in the US infected by a MERS patient.

well, duh. but the guy he caught it from wasn't sick enough to see a doctor for awhile, suggesting the "high mortality" is because the mild cases aren't diagnosed.

prevent HIV by giving medicine to protect the patient.

Lots of questions if this is a good reason: for a person with a stable HIV positive partner, it makes sense, but if the "morning after" pill and birth control pills are any clue, the promiscuous are often not as organized and will miss the pills, but will think they are protected so will have unprotected sex, making them vulnerable to other STD's.

related item (no link) The CIA said they won't use medical people and vaccine programs to spy anymore.
But the dirty little secret is that the crazies opposed vaccines long before the Osama bust made them aware that this was being done.

Yes, there are Tagalog masses in Tel Aviv.

technocrats are the real danger?
(for later reading)

and The crusades fact or fiction
Via TeaatTrianon

the real Muslim killer was Genghis Khan, not the wimpy Crusaders....and if China gets too feisty with the western withdrawal, the Caliphate will remember that.


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