Sunday, June 08, 2014

Family news

Lolo got up and took a shower to go to church, but by the time he was finished, it was already 7:20 and since it is now 82 degrees and church started at 7 am, I suggested we skip it until next week.

We now have three yellow kitties: all from the same litter but found separated in the vacant lot (by our dog George, but I stopped him before he could kill them). There is a yellow cat that makes her home there, so I figure they are hers. They can't quite figure how to eat, but are almost old enough to be on their own. Lots of dogs visit the lot, so if I didn't get them out of there they'd be dead. No names, but I call them Mukha (face, for a scar on her face), tail (a full tail) and half tail (there is a genetic half tail in some local feral cats).

Ruby visited a theme part on Friday and has the photos on her face book page.

The dogs got their rabies vaccine yesterday: I had to chase a couple of them who didn't like the sound of the upset dogs downstairs. We now have seven dogs, three of whom bite a lot, and two who have bitten but usually are okay.

there are feral dogs and rabies here, so any one bitten by a dog gets the vaccine, and the city vaccinates for free at certain times....but it's hard to get 7 dogs into the car.

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