Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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the anthropology of China.

and an article on China's expansion here.

We only stand to lose our fishing (oil/gas) rights off the coast, but Vietnam was once part of a greater China, and remembers they could be coopted similar to what happened in Tibet.


I remember when Carter said they would allow any Cuban who got to the US to stay, and 100 thousand plus arrived, including a lot of criminals freed by Castro from their jails.

So now Obama stopped deporting arrivals from Mexico, and said the "dream children" would have a pass. So guess what?

Presumably they will open the closed military bases to house and integrate them, as they did with the Cubans or with the Vietnamese mass influx after the fall of Saigon.

One story not picked up: Mexico's economy is booming so many Mexicans are returning home, and many of those arriving are women and children from central America.

Now, if they would only let my son get a visa to visit his brother in Florida...and I wonder if local Pinoys have figured out how to get in the rush...


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