Thursday, June 12, 2014

For Later reading

Housecleaning day today, so I'll link to articles I want to read in depth (via my tablet. My computer's battery is kaput so I have to let it plugged in to use, and if the cat/dog/myself accidentally jigs the wire, it crashes).


TeaAtTrianon links to several articles debunking the the Irish orphanage scandal. The press lied? No, but it was very bad reporting and one suspects it was deliberate to follow the meme.

Spiked! has their sarcastic take on the feeding frenzy, and notes other overblown stories that turned out to be only mildly true.

I was going to make a rant about third world country orphanages today, and the high mortality in any institution that housed the poor before the days of penicillin but never mind.


Iraq has a problem thanks to the Syrian rebels funneling money and terrorists there. Who wudda thot?
Ah, but it could help the Kurds regain Mosul, which was their city before Saddam threw them out.
StrategyPage has a long analysis here.

The Diplomad2.0 has a multipart series on corruption in American embassies.
Hmm...maybe they should make a movie about it.


So smartphones affect sperm?

Yes, but wait til they find so do chemicals.


How to persuade kids to become atheists.

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