Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The "WTF" Headline of the day

from GMA news:

NEW YORK - New York's Metropolitan Opera announced on Tuesday that it has canceled its plans for a live transmission of the opera "The Death of Klinghoffer" in movie theaters because of concerns that it could fan global anti-Semitism.
The opera house made the move after an outpouring of concern about the John Adams opera about the hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship by Palestinian militants in 1985 and the killing of disabled, elderly American Jewish passenger Leon Klinghoffer.
"I'm convinced that the opera is not anti-Semitic," Peter Gelb, the Met's general manager, said in a statement. "But I've also become convinced that there is genuine concern in the international Jewish community that the live transmission of 'The Death of Klinghoffer' would be inappropriate at this time of rising anti-Semitism, particularly in Europe."

How could an opera about the deliberate murder of an elderly, disable Jewish man by terrorists be anti semetic? What, he 'deserved it'?

no, because it made the murder of a handicapped old man the moral equivalence to the Palestians, who fled but were refused resettlement in their new homes, but kept as tame animals by the UN and neighboring countries to fester in hate (compare this to the 2 million Germans resettled, or even the half million Jews who were forced to flee arab countries by pogroms after 1948. It's all about politics of course: As long as Israel is the scapegoat, they won't ask questions, like how did Mrs. Arafat get all that lovely money in her bank account).

and it seemed to blame him for his own murder.

. Then follows the rapid unraveling of the terrorists plans and the inexplicable decision to execute Klinghoffer. No one knows why this particular man was singled out for execution. Was he simply a sacrificial lamb in a terrorist scenario gone awry? Had he, through some exchange of words, prompted his own demise? Or was he, simply because of his handicap, an encumbrance? 

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