Saturday, July 12, 2014

Miscellaneous stories

Living off the grid "like an 11th century farmer".

yeah. A beautiful essay, but  I'm always cynical about these stories, because in the past, it was the extended family that enabled people to survive.

You want reality? Come to the Philippines and live through a typhoon or two.


Mexico is in the midst of a war: 31thousand dead in the last six months.

and the criminal gangs have a new source of income:

  Criminal organizations engaged in human trafficking certainly tell parents that is the case. They then charge the parents lots of money to bring their children to the U.S.-Mexico border. 

In other words, the lower middle class is pooling their savings to send their kids up to get a green card. Too bad the Pinoys haven't figured out how to do it, or half our farmers would be sending their kids too...


Birth control wasn't in the Obamacare bill, but imposed by bureaucrats and it was justified by saying it would pay for itself, so the insurance companies would gladly pay for it if the "religious" employers objected.

Now the NYTimes admits: Maybe not.

And not mentioned: If you pay for the pill, you get generic. If Insurance pays for it, you ask for the modern Yasmin or other "high estrogen" pills that cost a lot more but have fewer progesterone related side effects.

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cafe AuLait spots, miliary TB and port wine stains. Yup. we learned this in medical school..
But what about maplesyrup urine disease?

another medical story: Bringing the dead back to live.

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