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BrianSibley posts a caricature of famous folks he made in the 70's. See if you can identify them
Except for Morley, I can't, but then I spent the 60's and 70's either in medical school/internship or in Africa, so I was sort of outside the culture at the time...


TeaAtTrianon links to a NewYorker article on Mary Poppins.

There are a couple of nicey nicey films about the subject on youtube, but the best one is the film "The Boys" about the Sherman brothers, which alas is NOT on youtube...

BrianSibley's DecidelyDisney blog has several articles on those involved: Scroll down the right margin for Mary Poppins, Travers, and Richard/Robert Sherman etc

Odysseus: Patron of the liberal arts.

For later reading, and there is a youtube link to the lecture (delivered with a shaky voice).


No link, but a recent "medical" article noted that "meditation" calmed people and let them handle stress.

True, but by limiting the "meditation" to transcendental meditation type stuff, they ignore that many of us do other things: B, ible reading with thoughful calm, praying the rosary, knitting, or listening to music. My mp3 player is full of "elevator music" as my sons called it.

ComeAwayWithMe Blog discusses an old Lutheran hymn and how it affected her heart.

more on the author HERE.

a recent medical article noted the "side effects" of meditation. Well, yes: Like psycho therapy, it removes the barriers to the id, and in people who only cope with lifeby making strong psychological barriers (often including rigid rule oriented behavior), the bad memories/thoughts/impulses can come up with revenge. Sometimes angry outbursts, sometimes suicide, but also sometimes psychotic breaks..

I once refused to teach simple self hypnosis for smoking cessation to one of our caregivers, because I sensed a hidden anger. Later I found he hated his father and was on anti depressants and therapy to settle the problem: and of course, his anti depressants also caused these feelings to surface (although he could control them). He asked me about this too, and I told him to tell his therapist, and his medicine was adjusted.

In an old Scifi movie, these were called the monsters of the id...


Instapundit quip of the day:
I AGREE WITH MEGAN MCARDLE THAT THIS SEEMS LIKE BAD PUBLIC RELATIONS STRATEGY: Little Sisters Of The Poor make National Organization For Women’s “Dirty 100″ List.

A lot of those ridiculing the HobbyLobby decision use the old claim that religions are anti science, and prove it because some Bible Christians frown on Evolution.

I hate to tell them, but it was the atheist Lucretius who said frogs evolved spontaneously in mud, but St Augustine who said that the theory of evolution, including the evolution of man's body (but not the soul) was compatible with Christianity. And that was 1500 years ago...
No body reads those old white men anymore in college (although some say Augustine had Berber roots)
Catholics just figure God was the orchestra leader behind evolutionary laws.

this comment on Instapundit has a quote about this phenomenum

John C. Wright summarized this phenomenon beautifully in his four-part series, "Restless Heart of Darkness," at scifiwright.com
"Despair is the key. It explains nearly everything that is so puzzling about the madness of modern life, the pack of self-contradictory dogmas that make up the default assumptions of the Dark Ages in which we live.
They have nothing else. No wonder they are bitter. No wonder they are irrational. No wonder they lie like dogs. No wonder they boast. No wonder they are full of envy and malice. No wonder they kill babies in the womb and fete socialist dictators and mass murderers. No wonder they love death. No wonder they admire, protect and love Islamic terrorists. No wonder they admire, protect, and love sexual perversion.
It is because they have nothing else. They live in a world of darkness, without hope, with nothing but their seven great friends to sustain them: pride, which they call self esteem; envy, which they call social justice; wrath, which they call activism and protest; sloth, which they call enlightenment; gluttony, which they call health food and legalization of recreational drugs; greed, which they call fairness in taxation; lust, which they call sexual liberation. . . . 
Did not the sheer mind-boggling beauty of Mother Teresa of Calcutta attract more skeptics to our banners than did the sneering sarcastic ugliness of Christopher Hitches attract to his?
They are lost in the dark. "
about the Berbers: I just downloaded a book at ScribD Saharan Frontiers on the latest ideas of the Sahara as a sea, where people moved around it all the time. So the idea it was empty and no one crossed it is not quite true. It's a subscription book..


No, I haven't seen the latest Malificent (why do they put Disney's name on it, when it has nothing to do with him, and the studio has long since destroyed his legacy? But never mind)..

Wright'sWriting has an essay on the modern approach to villany as good guys.

Which leads to the question: When Disney inevitably makes the movie excusing actions of the evil king who was responsible for a young’ fairy’s wings being torn off…what is his excuse going to be? That Maleficent hurt him when he was young?
These are not movies of redemption. They are movies of victimology. They turn noble villains into saps, and noble heroes into cads and…yes, villains.
As Malificent would say—the real Malificent:
They are a disgrace to the forces of evil!


ten unsolved mysteries of science.

The main one is not there: Why is there anything instead of nothing?


My only comment about Obama telling Central Americans "y'all come now" is that if the Pinoys could figure out how to do it, there's be 100 thousand Filipinos there now.
But I am a bit annoyed because my oldest son can't get a visa to visit his brother in Florida.
Most of our relatives are in Chicago, or SanDiego, or Florida, or Alberta Canada, or Germany or Italy or the UK...
Nikki came to visit from London, where she is a citizen now, and has a lovely accent.


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