Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Wars kill even when they are ignored by the PC Media

StrategyPage has a summary of wars all over the world (for later reading)

There are a lot of people dying from armed and organized (sort of) violence word-wide. But most of this violence involved one, or both sides operating as armed civilians.
they then go on to list these wars, country by country.
One of the bloodiest of these irregular conflicts is the one going on in Mexico, where drug gangs battle over who shall control the lucrative drug smuggling routes into the United States. Most of the killings are done by drug gang gunmen in civilian clothes. The death toll is over 80,000 since 2007. That's right up there with the wars that get a lot more media coverage (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan and Somalia).

yes, and they ignore that Colombia's drug war is essentially over, but moved to Venezuela and Peru

 After nearly half a century of violence, leftist rebels have rapidly lost support, recruits and territory in the last decade.  The drug gangs and leftist rebels have merged in many parts of the country, and the war in increasingly about money, not ideology. The leftist rebels are definitely fading, but all that drug money can keep some of them in the game for quite a while even though most of the cocaine production has moved to Peru. Many of the leftists are disillusioned and it is becoming harder to recruit new gunmen. In Venezuela the country moves closer to civil war and economic collapse. 

 and they mention the Philippines, the MILF peace deal, and note this:

 Most Filipinos are very concerned about endemic corruption and the resulting economic stagnation. There is also the Chinese threat, with more Chinese warships showing up in what had been, until recently, unquestionably Filipino coastal waters.

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