Thursday, August 21, 2014

Family news

It's a holiday (we have lots of them here) in rememberance of the slain Nino Aquino, who was killed by Marcos thugs (and whose wife later ran for president and led the people power revolution).

 Yes, he's the dad of the present president here, but here nepotism is considered normal: We figure the apple doesn't drop far from the tree, and at least he should be honest. How honest, I don't know: He's trying to prosecute the politicians who stole lots of stuff but they are making threats against him, both personal and claims that he steals too.

 The non PC part of all of this: Ninoy and Tita Cory are beloved, but the grandfather's actions are ignored.

But like your father stealing/taking bribes/dipping in the pot, such activity by one's ancestors happened in a lot of the elite families no one is so impolite to mention it

the town is having a bit "sandals" festival (aside from being a rice growing area, we also make fancy sandals here).

So we heard party noises and music until late at night. Two of the usual beggars (professional beggers, not poverty striken folks) came to ask for money to get snacks, and I laughed and gave them fifty cents. But usually I don't open the door at night. Of course, every ten year old kid is able to climb our garden wall (and they do, usually stealing mangos or guavas, although usually after asking permission). But most folks know about the dogs, so don't like coming into our inner sanctum.

 The new mayor, at least, keeps the streets a bit cleaner. Usually we shouldn't hold against her that her father ordered the hit against his political enemy that killed our nephew in the cross fire. But then, right after she won the election, the surviving son who witnessed the hit was shot at. They missed, but killed three innocent bystanders...the hit happened when he was on the way home from our cousin's funeral.

 Needless to say, we live and let live, and my stepson is too honest a Christian to let us have a gun (he gave away Lolo's illegal guns when he moved here 20 years ago).

 So now, we have George, the killer lab and five other smaller dogs for protection, and our only weapons are a crowbar, and a machete.

 We have had two local men (both older, one a FilAm US Navy veteran ) robbed and killed in the neighborhood in the last two years, so there is some danger... I rarely travel alone, but that's not because of politics but because although the local kidnapping club is gone, you never know when free lancers might try something.

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