Saturday, August 09, 2014

Iraq? America F*** Yeah.

StrategyPage points out how America has been working behind the scenes, and that America is now an ally of Iran and the Shiite Iraqi militias.

And they point out the irony that Iran hated the west so much that they protected the Alqaeda types. So blowback happens at many levels.

more HERE.

The ISIL advance sent over half a million civilians running. 

hell, even the Pope said bomb the bastards.

This, and the 60 thousand dead in Syria and the one million refugees from that country are why so many people are demonstrating against Muslim atrocities....not.

an article about tunnels here.

mainly bookmarked for later reading.

And I'm reading a biography of Alexander II of Russia (including how they lost their Blacksea ports in the Crimean war).  They need the port for exports in winter.
And it relates how the Czars have a long history of defending Christian in the then Ottoman Empire, and also the Slavs who were oppressed by the Ottomans, only to find that the UK and Austria Hungary opposed them out of fear of Russia getting too strong. So Putin's actions are understandable in view of history, where the Russian leader saw himself as the leader of a Pan Slavic area of Europe.


Update: I'm also listening to Professor Bob's podcast about the KultureKampf of Bismark against the Catholic church. link2 I didn't realize it was that bad. Sounds like President Obama's puppet masters are taking a page from history to try it again.

he also has podcasts on the Crimean war, which I haven't listened to yet.

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