Sunday, August 10, 2014

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SciFi writer Uncle Orson reviews books on WWI and WWII and the civil war
and the movies Sex Tape, the latest Planet of the Apes movie, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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the Terry Schiavo case that didn't happen.
NotDeadYet discussed Haleigh Poutre's near death due to bioethics, and links to her story in the Boston Globe.

Haleigh defied everyone’s expectations, and while she was never going to return to being the cheerful brown-haired girl who rode bicycles and twirled in dance recitals, she was not, as doctors had predicted, doomed to a life of virtually no awareness.
does anyone notice that the latest book by Koontz has one such character whose story is similar to Haleigh (and his Frankenstein books have a subplot on autism)? Stephen King sometimes includes real characters who have a handicap in his stories too...


also bioethics related: Iran sells kidneys legally.
of course, the problem is that when there is money to be made, there is corruption.
From the Payvand Iran News story:

On Sunday July 20, CASKP chief Mostafa Qasemi told the Fars News Agency: “These patients enter the country with false documents; doctors do not examine their documents and are paid millions to carry out a kidney transplant for them.”
just like here, you have to bribe authorities to look the other way, and the docs and middle men get most of the profit...


the Iberian peninsula at night.

Image Credit: NASA

the latest "WAGD" fad in the UK: Ban killer cats.

heh. Maybe the professor in the story should just borrow my killer lab George to chase away the cats.

the cars that are the most hacked.

paper tiger headline of the day: both China and ASEAN laugh at America's proposals for the west Philippine sea grab.

this could turn into a war... after all, Putin got away with it, didn't he?

Ebola? Well, they are worried here because of the many many Pinoy nurses and docs all over the world. True, Saudi has stopped haj visitors from some affected countries, but that won't stop normal travelers.

Ditto for MERS.

not yet in the headlines: pneumonic plague cases in Colorado and China, where it seems quarantine and treatment has prevented spread.

what? No helmet?

and then there is this


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