Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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If you want a nice quiet movie to watch, try renting Belle

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real story here. and HERE.

heh. The missing emails are found: It's just too much trouble to dig them out of the archives.


a non pc evaluation of the Fergueson case.

I figure it's about getting out the vote in the next election.

Any kid murdered for any reason is a tragedy, but when the CDC statistics and the gang murders of the inner city are ignored by the media, and this one murder promoted 24/7, one has to wonder if this is being pushed by a political agenda.

the problem with the cliches being pushed in the media is that too many folks watch CSI, and the evidence suggest it might be a case of self defense...Most ER docs see Orbital blowout fractures in domestic violence cases,
Being caught on surveillance tape threatening a small South Asian clerk doesn't help confirm white racism either.

"In the absence of a motor vehicle accident history...   Orbital fracture, an eye injury which is a break in the skull bone of the eye socket, is an injury that results when a great deal of force is applied to the victim's face or eye. "You can't get it with casual contact," said Goldberg. "The contact must be with a fist or something hard like a ball or a dashboard."

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