Friday, September 12, 2014

Family news

We are having thunderstorms every afternoon, so I turn off the computer and don't blog. Usually I surf the headlines in the morning with my tablet, but can't do much writing with a tiny keyboard.

Lolo is fine.

Joy is in Manila today with deliveries, and she hopes to nag the office for the check owed to us for eight months for a huge Christmas rice/gift package delivery. Sigh. Harvest is soon, so we could use the money for harvest expesnse (extra men, thresher, bags, transport, plastic to dry the rice or gasoline to dry it in our new drier if it rains).

Joy's sister had an eye taken out a year ago for melanoma, and was doing well, but her last scan showed nodules in her liver. She sees the doctor next week. Keep her and Joy in your prayers.

Ruby is busy busy with her (Pentecostal) church with leading singing at church worship (at least she is now too old for the dancing team of young girls. I loathe "liturgical dance" but it keeps the youn'un's happy, so WTF).

Lolo's too frail to go to church with me and it's quite hot still, so I started attending the 530 am mass instead of the 7 am. At least I don't faint in church, but it's usually more crowded with folks who have to work on Sunday.

Lots of beggars coming around with wheezing kids. I don't know if it's the weather, which is overcast, or a virus. I'm coughing and wheezing too, so it must be going around.

There is a clinic for kids that is free, if your kid gets sick during the day, but if you need medicine or get sick when it's closed, they hit the rich folks for help. If they need expensive medicine, they hit the city and get a certificate saying they are indeed poor. Of course I've shut the door on a few who come around with old papers (especially when I've already "donated"). Some of them are professional beggars, and a scam. One very poor lady hit me for her daughter's high school graduation party a few days after she claimed poverty so they are not destitute. The usual gift is a peso, but I tend to give 20 pesos (about 50 cents) and more if the cook assures me it's not a scam. Lots of time I don't have any change or money left over to give, so we say not to the "regulars", or if it's an emergency send them down the street to the new Mayor's house. We figure she has plenty if she's like her father and skimming the books.

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