Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Family news

Joy is going to Manila for deliveries and also to accompany her sister to her doctor. I figure the next step is a needle biopsy of her liver nodules, but we'll wait for him to decide. Chano is restless, but okay. Usually he gets this way right before he gets creative. Lolo is fine. We took him to get fingerprinted so that they will resume his Philippine veteran pension (to prove he is still alive). Joy will deliver the papers in Manila to their office. We are still waiting for the check for the huge Christmas gift order from a gov't office: She'll check on that too...I suspect someone is waiting for a "thank you" gift" before they release the check, but Joy and Chano are too Christian to do such things. Nono is over to finish cleaning up the garden etc. He bought a bunch of small birds to eat. I'd call them prarie chickens but don't know the real name. We put them in the empty bird cage to keep them safe from the cats until it's time to eat them.

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